February 06, 2017

Beautiful Ivory Jean Michel Frank Sofa

Sometimes we finish a piece, and it's so beautiful that we don't want it to leave! That was almost the case with this JMF sofa, upholstered in a gorgeous ivory silk velvet. So plush and so soft, you just want to fall into it and never get up!

If you have followed our blog for a while, you have surely seen a few JMF style sofas, they are one of our most popular and requested styles. And as is the case with all custom furniture, our clients can make changes that suit their taste, style or comfort level. In this case, we fabricated the sofa with wider arms than a classic JMF sofa.

The increased arm width adds to the heft of the sofa, but still remains in the style and comfort of Jean Michel Frank. It's difficult to see, but the walnut feet are finished with a dark stain - the sofa almost hovers! Gorgeous! What do you think?

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