April 27, 2017

Custom King-size Moreno Bed

This newly finished upholstered bed has curves in all the right places! The headboard curves in on either end, which will hug the mattress when it is installed, and the curve is mirrored at the foot of the bed.

We used solid oak to fabricate the top rail detail that follows the entire footprint of the piece and added a fabric welt in the same fabric as the upholstery where the fabric meets the wood. The wood was finished with a natural oak wax finish, which is simply gorgeous and really brings out the woods natural beauty.

The oak base is a complete match to the upper rail, and rests below the upholstered box base.

The back of the headboard is upholstered as well, which allows for more placement opportunities in a room.

As with all custom beds, this piece can be made in any size desired.
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