March 29, 2013

Modern Prototype Design

I was going through my images yesterday and noticed a lounge chair & ottoman that we fabricated a while ago for furniture designer, Shawn Littrell. It was a prototype for his upcoming line (which is now on his website). We have made several prototypes for designers over the years, and while it's so rewarding to be involved in something new, there are always challenges (which we like!). We often hear that they've been told their design won't work, or can't be done. As far as we are concerned, anything can be done! Nothing is impossible.

We've been working on another big prototype project that we can't reveal just yet. But soon it will be released to the public, and we will have quite a story! Stay tuned!

March 25, 2013

Before & After: Knoll Womb Chair

I hope everyone enjoys a good before & after shot as much as I do! I love seeing these pieces come in, worn and tattered, because it reveals just how much they are used and enjoyed. And, of course, they have passed the test of time, which is something you don't see much of in an industry that is rampant with low price/low quality goods. The lesson is: spend extra for quality and you'll enjoy it for a lifetime.

A lot of our referrals are directly from the manufacturers (Knoll, Herman Miller, etc.) and while we love and appreciate every single one of them, it's always nice when an actual Knoll employee brings their own piece to us for a complete restoration. Here is a before shot;

And after a complete restoration, including reupholstery, new foam and metal work:

The metal actually needed quite a bit of work, here is a closeup:

More of our restorations can be found here!

March 18, 2013

Houzz that?!

Have you explored Houzz? If not, please do! It's a great resource, not only for seasoned decorators, but for people who are interested in design and interiors as well. You can source product, find inspiration, create idea books, and find pros to help you. That's where we come in! We've set up our profile and I am in the process of uploading photos and descriptions (a lengthy process), but it's one more way for our friends to find us. I've also added the little widget to the sidebar there on the right for easy access. Anyone can set up a profile, and it's easy to follow the businesses and designs that inspire you. Check it out.

March 11, 2013

Classic Design in Architectural Digest Italia

It was a nice surprise to receive a link to this beautiful apartment in Paris, which featured a sofa we made last spring for Beverly Hills designer, Carole Katleman. The chairs seen in the magazine feature above were restored by our friend, Jean Paul Phelippeau in Paris. Here is a photo showing the entire sofa in our studio; we call this the CK Sofa.

Admittedly, it looks so much more beautiful in its' gorgeous setting. The entire story can be found here. 

March 05, 2013

Tight back tufted sofa

We just finished this sofa, which has some style inspiration from Florence Knoll in the clean lines and light tufting. It was fabricated with a single seat (also tufted) and finished with a dark stained walnut base. Classic, simple, understated, but always elegant.

March 01, 2013

Velvet Upholstered Bed

Another recently finished project included this full size velvet upholstered headboard with an attached upholstered box spring. The velvet is the palest lavender, and features a contrasting inset welt border.

The legs are walnut block and finished in a dark ceruse finished.

It's such a pretty bed - we can think of a few little girls that would love this in their room!
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