March 25, 2013

Before & After: Knoll Womb Chair

I hope everyone enjoys a good before & after shot as much as I do! I love seeing these pieces come in, worn and tattered, because it reveals just how much they are used and enjoyed. And, of course, they have passed the test of time, which is something you don't see much of in an industry that is rampant with low price/low quality goods. The lesson is: spend extra for quality and you'll enjoy it for a lifetime.

A lot of our referrals are directly from the manufacturers (Knoll, Herman Miller, etc.) and while we love and appreciate every single one of them, it's always nice when an actual Knoll employee brings their own piece to us for a complete restoration. Here is a before shot;

And after a complete restoration, including reupholstery, new foam and metal work:

The metal actually needed quite a bit of work, here is a closeup:

More of our restorations can be found here!

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