June 06, 2017

Art Deco Desk Chair inspired by Paul Dupre Lafon

Here is another version of one of our most popular pieces, the Art Deco Desk Chair, inspired by notable French architect & designer, Paul Dupre Lafon. It’s easy to see why it is a frequently requested chair; it’s so easy to customize. Each different combination of wood, finish & upholstery completely transforms the style and tone this chair has in its’ environment. It is also a beautiful example of Dupre Lafon’s style, with the slightly inclined flat back and visible fixing screws.

In this version, we upholstered it in a beautiful smooth leather. The oak frame was finished with a light ceruse finish, utilizing the beauty of the wood grain as a design detail. Smaller details include the bronze exposed screws.

More versions of this chair style can be seen here, here and here
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