March 30, 2016

Milo Baughman inspired Sofa

This Milo Baughman inspired sofa is very similar to another piece we did recently. Notable differences are in the tufting of the seat and back cushions here. The tufting elevates it a bit, and really gives it a totally different look!

Another difference is the longer seat portions on either end; it allows for a great conversation spot during a cocktail party.

As with the previous rendition, the fully recessed base is finished black, which gives the whole piece a floating quality.

The back is just as beautiful as the front, so placing this sofa in the middle of the room adds to the dramatic mood. Which is your favorite - this one, or the last?

March 24, 2016

Custom Upholstered Bed

This is our most popular bed, and with good reason. The style is modern, without being austere. It's clean and classic, and pairs well with a variety of decor styles. The box spring is attached, and the side rails are gently padded, as is the headboard. It sits on oak feet that have been lightly finished. For more beds, click here.

March 22, 2016

Before & After: Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair

Dark fabric makes it difficult to see the detail on certain pieces, but this is the original condition of a recently reupholstered iconic Papa Bear chair by Hans Wegner. The fabric was terribly worn and the interior suspension shot when it arrived at our workshop. Restoring these classic pieces is always fun and we love breathing new life into them. Here's how it turned out:

To see another Papa Bear chair we restored, click here.

March 17, 2016

Jean Royere inspired Sofa

Were you with us on Tuesday when we shared the set of Jean Royere inspired lounge chairs, based on the Polar Bear chair style? This is the accompanying custom sofa, made for the same client. It's gorgeous, isn't it?

We've actually made similar sofas inspired by Jean Royere on two other occasions, here and here, but this creamy ivory velvet is beautiful. Due to the curves of the sofa, we always recommend a fabric with a little give (i.e. stretch), the mohair velvets are perfect. Here is the whole set together (there's actually a third lounge chair which we did not have room for!).

March 15, 2016

Jean Royere inspired Lounge Chairs

This set of lounge chairs are largely inspired by the design of Jean Royere, specifically the Polar Bear chair. We made a similar set for a client a couple of years ago, and it's favored style of high end designers.

Besides having that big polar bear look, they do look as if  you could sink into them and be cradled and cocooned! As you can imagine, they are ridiculously comfortable!

Check back on Thursday, we'll be featuring an accompanying piece to this set!

March 10, 2016

Bronze Base Ottomans

Custom Bronze Base Ottoman

This is one of a pair of ottomans that were recently finished for a client, and they are maybe one of our favorites. We made a similar pair a couple of years ago, and it's always interesting to see how much fabric changes the overall appearance of a piece.

This fabric was much different than the one used previously, it's more of a tight, flat weave, which really gives the piece a handsome, tailored look. The top cushion is semi-attached, meaning it is attached, but the connection is further inside the top & bottom cushions so it has the appearance of two separate cushions (which it essentially is!).

As with the first set, the bronze base is comprised of pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle - it's as solid and heavy as it looks!

March 07, 2016

Before & After: Costela Lounge Chair by Martin Eisler and Carlo Hauner

This lounge chair & ottoman took some investigation to find! And just based on the beautiful curve of the pressed wood, we should have realized it was a Brazilian design. Designed by Martin Eisler and Carlo Hauner in the mid to late 1950's, these pieces were made for Forma Brazil.

Not a lot of information is available online (that we found), but an image search did reveal many different interpretations of the cushion design. Our direction was based on our clients' preference, and we're pretty happy with the end result for this iconic, rare lounge chair. What do you think?

March 04, 2016

Before & After: Jerry Johnson Sling Rocking Chair

This vintage sling rocking chair was designed by Jerry Johnson, circa 1964. This pieces was not in terrible condition when it arrived at our shop, but the fabric was old and worn, and it was time for an upgrade.

The lines on this rocking chair are amazing - the frame is walnut, with a contoured bentwood back that flows 'like a ribbon through air'. The sling seat is suspended, providing a hammock-like comfort. All the original hardware was intact, including the original dowels.

Our research on this piece uncovered the actual patent that Jerry Johnson filed - found here!

March 02, 2016

Armchairs inspired by Paul Dupre-Lafon

While these armchairs are not in the style of Paul Dupre-Lafon per se, they do borrow elements of his beautiful style. These armchairs themselves are a bit narrow, while a true Dupre-Lafon would sit a little lower and have more of a sprawl across the seat and back.

The element that most represents Dupre-Lafon is in the beautiful curved shape of the arm, which really gives it a subtle elegance and style. You can see a Pierre Dupre-Lafon inspired sofa we made a while back here.

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