March 31, 2014

Jean Royere [inspired] Polar Bear Chairs

We just finished these two armchairs, based on a design by Jean Royere called the Polar Bear chair. His furniture and lighting pieces were designed and made in the 1940's & 1950's, and it is quite hard to find original pieces. When you do, they are priced very high, as you can imagine.

Jean Royere lived from 1902 - 1981, and coming from a distinguished French family, went into banking after studying in Cambridge. At age 29, in 1931, he quit banking and became an interior designer. Royere was influenced by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, but found his own way somewhere between modernism and a little traditionalism.

The Polar Bear chair is generously proportioned, with a rounded silhouette and low back. The legs are rounded as well, and fabricated in natural walnut. The forest velvet, chosen by our client, is perfect.

If you are interested in more of Jean Royere's work, this book is amazing. It's in French, but it is filled with photos and illustrations of his work.

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