January 23, 2013

Before & After: George Nelson Executive Desk

Wow, is it the end of January already?! Happy New Year! We came back to work right after the new year and it's been nonstop since. Always a good thing, and one we are grateful for. We just finished up an amazing restoration on a George Nelson desk.

As you can see, it's has been used & loved for years, having been passed down from the original owner to his son (and now being passed down to the sons' daughter). The formica desktop is suspended over the wood base by polished steel tubes, which are also used as the legs.  I've been doing some research, and have had a hard time finding this exact desk. It looks like it might be a solicitors (lawyers) desk, due to the two extensions in the back, which allow for writing & note taking by whomever is sitting on the other side.

We completely refinished the base, polished the metal, and gave the existing formica top a facelift.

This model features five drawers in a rich mahogany, with a privacy panel that also serves as an interior  shelf.

This is such a great example of mid-century modern design, and we were so happy to have the chance to bring it back to life. We hope this piece stays in its' family and continues to be passed down for many future generations!
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