July 22, 2015

Ico Parisi inspired banquette sofa

Ico & Luisa Parisi designed a truly beautiful banquette sofa for the Hotel Lorena, Italy circa 1960. It is a very unique sofa, with a partially exposed frame and a tight seat & tight back.

Our interpretation, for a client, was recently finished and installed. The fabric they selected was perfect for this style - a little nubby with a beautiful texture and hand.

The exposed frame in the back is a gorgeous detail, but it doesn't stop there. The detail on the turned post legs and the connecting bars is a captivating aesthetic aspect. 

Details like this are complicated and often challenging, and there are always many drawings involved before we are satisfied enough to move forward into fabrication. 

The dark finish adds such a warm richness against the light fabric. We are so happy with the way this turned out and hope our client does as well.

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