June 22, 2015

Custom Walnut Bed, Base & Nightstands

We try to stay humble over here at Classic Design. We work hard, we use the best materials we can source, and our employees are highly skilled and more like artisans than upholsterers. So when we finish a truly spectacular piece, like this one, all I want to do yell from the top of my lungs LOOK AT THIS AMAZING BED!

But, as I said. We are humble. We are discreet. We are reserved.

We also just finished this amazing bed.

The headboard is inset, just slightly, and upholstered in a beautiful ivory linen. What really draws your eye, though, is that wood. Walnut is so pretty, and has such a beautiful grain. The bed frame is attached to the headboard, and the footboard is attached to the frame.

But there's a little hidden secret here - the top panel of the footboard actually raises up via a remote control for the TV that is stored in footboard box. We unfortunately do not have a photo of that in action because that component was assembled on site during the installation.

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