June 24, 2015

Before & After: Jorge Zalszupin Lounge Chairs

A client sent us a pair of Jorge Zalszupin lounge chairs a while back that were in desperate need of restoration & reupholstery. It appears someone previously reupholstered these pieces, and did not stay very true to the aesthetic to which the chairs were originally designed. After weeks of research, and meetings with our client, we believe we came as close as possible to original design.

Jorge Zalszupins' story is interesting; he was born in Poland (1922) and became an architect. While working in Paris, he became inspired by Oscar Niemeyer & Roberto Burle Marx, both Brazilian, and soon thereafter immigrated to Brazil, where his professional life took off. He settled in Sao Paulo, and began designing furniture. His firm, L'Atelier, was established in 1959 and became immediately successful, with two factories producing his designs!

While he was heavily influenced by Danish design, and worked with many Brazilian woods, he eventually expanded his collection to include plastics.

(The spines on the back of the lounge chairs are such an interesting detail!)

Jorge Zalszupin is considered to be one of Brazil's most important designers of the twentieth century, and we hope we gave these incredible and rare pieces justice in our restoration! It's amazing to be involved with this kind of history...

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