April 29, 2014

The secret life of chairs...

Not all of our restorations are modern; we just finished restoring 4 of these 18th century French chairs, and it got me thinking: EIGHTEENTH CENTURY! As they are almost 300 years old, I can't help but wonder - where have they been and what have they seen?! They were most likely handcrafted by Jacob Brothers in Faubourg Saint Antoine, Paris, which is near Bastille and was (and still is) the center of furniture manufacturing in Paris. Many of the pieces for Versailles were made here.

They are part of a personal collection (which includes more pieces), and I do not know how they were acquired, but they have been clearly well taken care of. Only minor touch ups were necessary, and those were done with strict adherence to period practices (as much as we could).

As well, the reupholstery was done as the original, and we are proud of the results:

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