April 17, 2014

Custom king bed with Bronze Tile base

This bed. It is really something else. The design process is such an interesting operation. Our client comes to us with a concept; we put ideas on paper, start some sketches (always by hand, never computer), add some dimensions, sort through the technicalities, and begin production. That's when the fun really begins, because as the concept and design come to fruition, a piece begins to take on its' life and character, and everything comes together.

That's what happened with this bed. There were some challenges, but we are very proud of the end result. This bed is fabricated in a beautiful rust silk velvet, with a cantilevered ledge that sits on 1" bronze tiles, which fit around all three exposed sides.

What you don't see is that under the cantilevered ledge there is a small groove that will house a light strip (yes!), and the space under the headboard is for the transformer box. As you may have discovered, we are big on small details, and making sure the corner tiles incorporated the rounded radius was important to the design of this bed. Making and applying the bronze tiles was a painstaking process, but the result is well worth it.

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