June 28, 2011

Vladimir Kagan Swanback Sofa

We just reupholstered a Vladimir Kagan sofa for a good client and friend of Classic Design. This is the Swanback Sofa, which is part of the Vladimir Kagan Couture collection. Couture pieces are a selection of Vladimir Kagan’s timeless popular designs from the past 60 years, and were first introduced in Milan in 1999.

Kagan sofas are recognized for their ‘flowing lines and sweeping curves’, both of which are evident in the Swanback Sofa. We reupholstered it in a chenille by Pollack, in a Sandstone color. The stainless blackened steel base is gorgeous. One can easily see that these sofas become prized possessions, and we were honored to reupholster this beautiful classic piece.

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