June 24, 2011

Before & After: Chaise de Malade

This Chaise de Malade, also known as Fauteuil Malade, was made in the 17th century and used mainly as a 'sick chair'. Almost like a barcalounger, or Laz-e-boy, it reclined to allow physicians of that period to thoroughly examine their patients. This particular chair is made of walnut, and while the back feet have been restored and the wood replaced prior to our receiving and reupholstering the piece, it is an amazing example of a Louis XIV period chair. Here are some photos of its' restoration & subsequent reupholstery:

It was ultimately upholstered in a simple natural linen, with nail heads, because a piece like this needs nothing to take the eye away from the amazing lines and history that it will bring to the room.

The reclining mechanism, although slightly archaic, is still usable.

We also reupholstered a second Fauteuil Malade for the same client. This chair was not as old, from the 19th century, but still a beautiful chair with wonderful age.

We covered this chair in Hunter Coal by De la Cuona, and the subtle stripes of the fabric seem perfect with the exposed wood of this old piece.

There's going to be a big website update with a lot of new restoration and reupholstery pieces - be sure to check it out!

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