December 20, 2016

Matching Sofa Set

This sofa turned out beautifully. It's a large two seat style sofa with classic rolled arms and a flat skirt, which gives it a slightly casual vibe. But when you look closely, the fabric is anything but casual and is actually simply stunning.

The subtle pattern really elevates the style, and while its gorgeous, it's one of those fabrics that takes us a little longer to plan, cut & sew due to the pattern (we're really into making sure everything is matchy matchy). The results are worth it, don't you think??

We also made a smaller 3-seat version - the style is just a little different, but they work well together, with the fabric tying everything together.

If you notice, the same dedication to detail is shown on the back of the sofa, as the front. This piece would be just as beautiful in the middle of a room as against a wall.

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