February 26, 2016

Shearling Armchair

Imagine sinking into this chair, completely upholstered in genuine sheepskin, like the inside of an Ugg boot. We really can't think of anything cozier, except maybe a roaring fire and a whiskey laced cup of hot chocolate. Who's with us on this?

We are referring to it as a square armchair, but the design borrows elements from Jean Michel Frank and Jean Royere, both of whom pioneered this classic style.

Due to the nature of the skin, this piece had to be completely sewn by hand. It's complicated, because the hair has a tendency to creep into the seams, and has to be meticulously picked out, carefully so as to not dislodge or inadvertently cut or remove them. The finished product is unbelievably comfortable, soft and as inviting as ever.

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