January 21, 2016

Joaquim Tenreiro inspired Sofa

Joaquim Tenreiro was one of the leading furniture designers and visual artists in the mid-20th century. He was born in Portugal, and immigrated to Brazil in the late 1920's. He was one of the first Brazilian furniture designers to adopt European modernist methods. This piece is inspired by a sofa he designed in the late 1950's early 1960's and features a thin, delicate rim that continues from the base, curving up the arm and around the back.

He often used indigenous Brazilian hardwoods in his work and kept the local climate in mind by keeping his pieces light, often using wicker or cane. This piece obviously was not designed in that respect, but the curve detail is so beautiful and the tapered leg is so characteristic of that era.

A thick wool mohair was used to upholster the piece.

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