November 15, 2015

Completely Restored Charles Pfister for Knoll dining table

Sometimes, pieces come into our workshop in such sad shape. And when they are rare pieces, such as this Charles Pfister dining table for Knoll, your heart almost breaks at the sight of the extent of the damage.

This Pfister table was badly damaged by a fire, and initially, we weren't even sure if we could save it. The top was badly burned, with deep marks, and the chrome metal inlay (on the tabletop side) was bent and scratched. We didn't want to replace the inlay because we wanted to preserve the integrity of the piece and its' history.

It's very difficult to find a Charles Pfister dining table; our research only uncovered a smaller card table - nothing of this size. The top is lacquered wood and besides the beautiful chrome inlay, it also has chrome legs.

We completely restored this piece in our workshop, no new parts were used! Here is how it turned out, what do you think?

Quite a labor of love on this one! It was worth every minute!

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