October 02, 2015

Custom Sornay style chairs

French industrial designer Andre Sornay (1902-2000) is considered by many to be one of the original modernists, whose style is often compared to Le Corbusier, Jean Prouve, and Charlotte Perriand. He lived and worked in Lyon, while most of his contemporaries spent their professional lives in Paris, which was then known as the epicenter of early-20th century style.

His work was characterized by geometric and simple lines. Many of the designers of that era incorporated these straight, industrial shapes and styles into their work. 

This pair of chairs is in a style of Sornay that we've made many times before, it's one of our most popular styles. For this project, the client wanted a contrast fabric to be used on the outside back panel (above), which takes the simplicity of the chair up a notch. 

A detail of the beautiful walnut finish is shown below. 

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