May 22, 2013

Before & After: Bridgewater Chair

This is the after-shot of a Bridgewater chair we just reupholstered. By the way, you might not realize there is a difference between 'reupholstery' and 'recovering'. When a piece is recovered, it's just that - all the innards (foam, down, feathers, springs, etc.) are saved, and the interior of the piece is not really touched. When a piece is reupholstered, everything is removed, down to the frame, and essentially rebuilt. That is what was done here, and that is what is done 99% of the time in our workshop.

Here is a shot of the piece as delivered:

As you can see, we gave it some much needed TLC and new life. If the piece is well made with a solid hardwood frame, it will last for decades. Little design tweaks can be made, like changing the ruffle skirt to a more contemporary flat skirt, like we did here, update the look tremendously.

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