November 10, 2011

Classic Design for Thinkpure Good Shepherd project

Back in July, one of our clients, Thinkpure, asked us to make a platform bed to contribute to their Good Shepherd charity project. The Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children opened in Los Angeles last summer. 30 rooms were decorated by some of the top designers in Los Angeles, all pro bono, to create beautiful environments for its' residents. This is the bed we contributed to the project:

And this is the room after Kelly Schandel of Thinkpure was finished:

photo: Erika Bierman via Houzz

The room looks fabulous - what a gorgeous, restful retreat. There is a wonderful post on Houzz which features several of the other rooms, including the materials and resources used to create each room. They are all different, but equally beautiful, calming and clean. We hope the residents enjoy their stay in these rooms, and Classic Design was so thrilled to be included in this great project.  For more information on the Good Shepherd Center, please visit their website.

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