May 16, 2011

Beautiful Mid-Century Danish Chairs - restored, reupholstered, renewed.

We just finished the restoration of 12 gorgeous mid-century Danish chairs for a client. The chairs needed to be reupholstered and the wood was in desperate need of refreshing. Here are some 'after' photos of a few of the pieces, they are complete works of art.

There were 4 of the dining room chairs and 4 dining room armchairs, all reupholstered in white leather. They were originally designed by Willy Beck, in collaboration with Aksel Bender Madsen and Ejner Larsen.

Shown below is the Finn Juhl Easy Chair #45 designed in 1945 and manufactured by Niels Vodder. The arms of this chair have been called the most beautiful in the world. They are sharp edged, like a paper knife, and have a stunning three-dimensional curve. The Easy Chair #45 demonstrates a major change in Juhl's concept of design. His early work had heavy form; after this design the bodies of his chairs float free from the frame - this became a distinguishing feature of his work. We reupholstered this piece in Kravet Hallingdal 110. Note the leather detail where the wood meets the upholstery on the top of the arm and base of the seat. 

The Jacob Kjaer armchair with adjustable back, and footstool is made in mahogany and upholstered in black leather. It was originally designed in 1954, and has amazing lines.

Seeing these beautiful pieces in our workshop and having the opportunity to bring them back to life is so rewarding. Even if we can't go home and relax with the evening paper in one of these, we are content in the knowledge that our client can enjoy them again for years to come.

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